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La Pedrera. The most rocker beach of Rocha.

Author: Alejandra Sellanes
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La Pedrera is a small and exclusive resort of Rocha (the oldest dating back to 1898), with beautiful ocean beaches, lively nightlife, multiple lodging options (from excellent 5 star service hotels to campsites, from cabins to modern holiday homes), and an unmistakable Rambla, with its white wooden railing, borders from the height various beaches.

Scenically, La Pedrera is a large balcony overlooking the sea, with a red rock cliff that ends in a blue-green sea, exceptionally beautiful. To enjoy the lush view of its coast, along the promenade with its wooden railing, there are banks, where you can see the sea while taking a breath and appreciate, especially in early spring, the whales that pass in their journey south.

La Pedrera is currently one of the beaches popular among young people: Rock and film festivals, dance, carnival every year are held in the beach resort, as well as pubs and fashion nightclubs" and several camping options have established the resort as one of the preferred options for young people when going on vacation. Surf fans find on the beach Del Barco, exceptional waves to challenge, with large enough tubular waves that, at its best, can surpass five feet tall. No doubt this is one of the best beaches on the coast of Uruguay to practice a sport as challenging as surf, and is directly in front of the beach resort. This beach gets its name from a tuna Chinese boat (Cathay 8) that in the 70s ran aground in the waters. Despite rescue efforts, could not be saved and got caught in a very short distance from the coast. Today, what remains of the hull (the bow) is in the middle of the beach which gives it its name. It's something different and worth exploring this rusted iron structure, which resisted the sea, the salt and sand and now forms part of the silhouette of the beach.

As mentioned, Del Barco beach is excellent for surfers but its coarse golden sand and clear sea are also coveted by young people. It should be taken some caution because the waves are somewhat violent and in many parts of the sea and the sand is still the wreck (the areas where there is danger are well signposted, to be safe, it is enough to respect the posters). Returning to the Surf, this is an issue to take into account because this elements could be quite dangerous for unsuspecting athletes. Eastern Beaches, instead, with its fine sand and calmer waters, are very safe, such as El Desplayado. If you go with children is ideal.

Every year since 2004, the resort has its film festival: La Pedrera Short Film Festival. Dozens of short movies, filmed by Uruguayan or foreign artists, every season attract moviegoers of all ages. In high season in La Pedrera, if you are fan of diverse musical styles (Rock, Techno Pop, Electro Rock, etc.), you have mega events, recitals, and you can find restaurants, pubs and night clubs offering live music, DJs waving with its loud music, presentation of CDs and everything you can imagine.

With tight budget, dining options may include bars, pizzerias and even restaurants with reasonable prices but not too many. As La Pedrera has become a very popular and fashionable resort, if you want to enjoy varied gastronomic restaurant with sophisticated environments, you will find: gourmet cuisine, ethnic food (eg sushi bars), themed restaurants, new age, and traditional craft food of high quality. Value for money is excellent, but be aware that although the quality is very high, price also is, and yes, it usually worths the money you spent.

In short, an exclusive resort, with young and merry imprinting, undoubtedly no vacationer will be sorry for this choice.



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